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Experience Sardinia... between history, culture and ancient flavors.

Experience Sardinia... between history, culture and ancient flavors.

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Baia del Faro is a picturesque village situated in the territory of Palau one of the most picturesque corners of the north-eastern coast of Sardinia.
This hospitable location owes its charm to the charming town, with its shops and markets, the marina, but especially to the crystal clear waters of its beaches, surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation.

Symbol of Palau is the extraordinary work of art shaped by the wind, the famous Bear's Rock, National Monument since 1993. Situated in an elevated position 120 meters above sea level, it allows you to enjoy an extraordinary view over the area of the Archipelago of La Maddalena and Palau.
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Around Palau many are the alternatives to the beach

When the gloomy and windy weather does not allow you to stay on the beach, the surroundings of Palau offer plenty of entertainment and cultural enrichment.

The hinterland of Palau is particularly rich in archaeological sites, rural churches, “stazzi” and fortifications, evidence of an authentic lifestyle, based on the close contact with nature and its cycles .

A history which dates back centuries ago

Among the most striking signs of the passage of the ancient civilization in Sardinia, the giants' tombs, funerary monuments characteristic of Nuraghic era.
These graves are characterized by the presence of a high stele, at the center of the facade which ends with a round hoop. From above, the tomb takes the peculiar shape of the head of a bull, once considered a symbol of strength and fertility and revered by the ancient people of Sardinia.
Of particular interest is the Nuraghes stone towers in the shape of a truncated cone, dating from the second millennium BC declared by Unesco world heritage site. Placed in towering positions the nuraghis had different functions: from "simple" watchtowers to large multi-purpose complex.

Dating back to the late 1800s a series of military fortifications Monte Altura, Capo d'Orso and Baragge . Site in a panoramic position from the fortifications you can enjoy a panorama that sweeps over the surrounding islands and Corsica, as well as on the hills of the inland.

Peculiars are typical rural churches , a testimony of the faith of the pastors of the place from the end of 17th century. With simple and essential architecture they were privileged place for all the important passages in people’s life: baptism, marriage and funeral . Meeting place for believers, locals and tourists, mingling of the sacred and the profane, featuring an extremely characteristic atmosphere.

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